What is Hosted or Cloud Accounting?

    In very easy to understand terms: “Cloud” is the new buzzword used to describe SaaS (Software as a Service), or applications remotely served from a computer located somewhere else and accessed using a network(internet) connection. Your accounting program, and your data file is stored on a sever in a datacenter or physical network belonging your “Host”, and you can log in remotely and use the application just as if it was stored on your own computer or network… Anytime… from Anywhere!

    Is Hosted Accounting the solution for you?

  1. Have you ever lost your accounting and important data to a disaster whether man made or natural?
  2. Do you need access to your accounting and shared data while in the field or on the road?
  3. Do you have staff that needs access to your accounting system from their remote locations or home?
  4. Do you have multiple locations that require access to the accounting system from their computers?
  5. Would you like greater interaction and oversight by your accounting or bookkeeping firm?
  6. Do you move accountant or backup copies around by email or portable media?
  7. If you answered "yes" to any(or ALL) of these questions, then you will benefit from one of our remotely hosted accounting solutions. Utilizing the proven Citrix Xenapp to provide a secure connection, we can offer you 24x7 remote access to your accounting and data without the need to spend serious money on IT infrastructure upgrades. We offer access to QuickBooks®, Simply Accounting® and other accounting and related software. The software and your data are accessed via the Internet from your PC, Mac or other web-enabled device(smartphone).

Data Security
  1. Our datacenter conforms to a high level of security, and backs up your data at least once every day. How many businesses can say that?
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Cost Effective
  1. No need for expensive IT staff, consultants, service contracts, VPN keys and server licensing. If your main computer crashes… simply use your credentials and log on from another machine.

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  1. There is no problem associated with growth or downsizing. Simply add or cancel user accounts as your business dictates over time. 

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